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All » US History (1950-1980)

US History (1950-1980)

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0205898548 Cover Image
069294222X Cover Image
Wichita Rock and Roll 1950 - 1980
by Wichita Rock Music Project
2017 Hardcover
1337565075 Cover Image
0073377368 Cover Image
Mus110: Spirituals to Rock and Roll (Custom) 13th
by St. Leo University
13th Edition 2013 Paperback
0764343378 Cover Image
1465299114 Cover Image
1555719848 Cover Image
Cadillac Platoon : A Vietnam War Novel
by Lawrence Adams
2020 Hardcover
0807076929 Cover Image
The Rebellious Life of Mrs. Rosa Parks
by Jeanne Theoharis
2015 Paperback
1620975319 Cover Image
0205246974 Cover Image
Rock and Roll : Its History and Stylistic Development 7th
by Joe Stuessy
7th Edition 2019 Paperback
0299321908 Cover Image
Understanding and Teaching the Civil Rights Movement
by Hasan Kwame Jeffries
2019 Hardcover
0756603420 Cover Image
1524948691 Cover Image
History of Rock and Roll Access Card 6th
by Thomas Larson
6th Edition 2018 Access code
0803972202 Cover Image
The Supreme Court, Race, and Civil Rights : From Marshall to Rehnquist
by Abraham Davis
1995 Paperback
1285736923 Cover Image
0262044250 Cover Image
1454884185 Cover Image
Civil Rights in the Workplace 4th
by Henry Perritt
4th Edition 2017 Paperback
1789205093 Cover Image
0029221307 Cover Image
Origins of the Civil Rights Movements
by Aldon Morris
1986 Paperback
147283688X Cover Image
In Cold War Skies : NATO and Soviet Air Power, 1949-89
by Michael Napier
2020 Hardcover

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